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A new roof is one of the largest expenses that a homeowner will encounter. Not only is it a necessary item to protect the home from the elements, but a new modern roof increases your home’s value and adds beauty and style. Our process is SIMPLE: 

  • After our initial inspection, you’ll receive a detailed report and line item proposal for your new roof. We partner with several top material providers to give you a variety of choices, based on color, style, and warranty. 

  • Once your selections have been made, we’ll communicate next steps including our unique use of the Catch All System to better protect your home and landscaping. 

  • After your new roof is installed, we’ll perform the final walkthrough. At this time, we provide all warranty registration information. For shingle roofs, we give each customer one bundle of extra shingles in case of storm or other unforeseen damage. 

  • But you haven’t seen the last of us just yet. Included is a free six month follow up inspection of your new roof. And as before, a documented inspection report will be issued to you.

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We know from years of experience that construction is anything but simple. But we believe the process for you as a customer should be.

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